There’s no handbook for being a Voice of the Dead, but one rule of existing behind the Veil is keeping a low profile. Jo Wiley is really bad at keeping quiet. 

Her mother is dying—for real this time—and even though there’s no love lost between them, Jo feels duty bound to go home and see her mother off to the next world. She would much rather be in Ljubljana where she can keep an eye on her son and a certain former priest. 

With Jo away, her friends are left to deal with Bettine, a member of the Board sworn to keep the supernatural hidden, who has announced a visit to investigate the events of the past year. Her presence threatens to bring the full power of the Board down on everyone associated with Renegade Tea. 

Jo returns to Ljubljana to discover it wasn’t just her family keeping secrets. With her world ripped apart, she has to rely on her ex and her anger to keep Bettine and the Board from destroying everything she has left. 

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