If Jo Wiley has learned one thing, it’s to never trust a god, especially if he’s her ex.

Stranded in the underworld and wanted by the Board tasked with keeping the supernatural secret, Jo Wiley is desperate to return to her life in Ljubljana—or what’s left of it after her friends and family were forced to scatter to protect her and themselves. 

Črnobog, the dark god of Slavic myth and Jo’s ex, has had plenty of time to set a plan in motion to reclaim a reenchanted world for the old gods. As Jo gathers the pieces she needs to return home, she has no idea she is playing right into his hands. 

In order to save the world and keep the darkest imaginings from humankind’s nightmares at bay, Jo is forced to make strange alliances and an unforgivable choice. 

Even if she succeeds, nothing will ever be the same. 

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