Voices of the Dead Set

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Collecting autographed copies of all four books and a Free Renegade Tea enamel pin

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Jo Wiley runs a punk rock teahouse in the heart of the Slovenian capital, tries not to pry too much into her adult son’s life, and keeps her string of friends with benefits on a tight schedule.

When one of those friends is found murdered at an ancient Roman ruin, the death pulls Jo into a whole reality of weirdness she never knew existed. She discovers she can talk to the dead and she isn’t too happy with what they come to tell her. 

Can she save the world from demons, vengeful magic workers, and the occasional rogue deity and keep her business alive? 

This Collection includes autographed copies of all four books and a Renegade Tea enamel pin

  • Who by Water – Voices of the Dead: Book One
  • Our Lady of the Various Sorrows – Voices of the Dead: Book Two
  • Like a Pale Moon – Voices of the Dead: Book Three
  • Strange As Angels – Voices of the Dead: Book Four

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